Half day tour in Mesogeia and visit to the Temple of Artemis in Brauron



Vineyards, olive trees, mountains and the coastline of Euboean gulf surround the Sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia and the new Brauron Museum, an ideal destination for visitors seeking to discover a cultural gem outside Athens. In antiquity, the sanctuary was an important cult center that played a key role in the religious life of Athenian women. It was believed to be the place where Iphigenia, daughter of Agamemnon, with the help of her brother Orestes, took refuge after escaping her intended sacrifice by her father before the Trojan War. Artemis’ cult was particularly important to women, since she was considered a protectress of childbirth. Athenian girls about 7-10 years old were sent to Brauron to serve as Artemis’ attendants, called arktoi. Attica’s countryside provided also the ideal environment for the cultivation of wines with the prevailing white varieties of Savatiano, Malagouzia and Roditis.